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Our instant criminal search is a great place to begin your research, but the most accurate way to verify a complete criminal history is through an in-person court record search. We would be happy to help you learn more about this useful service.

To read more on how to correctly screen a volunteer or coach, click here.

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Our Searches

Criminal Records

Our Criminal Record Search offers detailed conviction and arrest records, including records from many states and counties across the US. We even have records you won’t find anywhere else from one of the best criminal databases.

This search is designed to help you keep dangerous individuals away from your home. Easily find out more about your neighbor, date, roommate, coach, and almost anyone else!

The Only Verified St. Louis Background Check Provider

From the County to the City. From Northside to the Southside. St. Charles to Fenton... We have the information that you want, We have the information that you Need.

People Search

Our People Search gives you instant access to full names, phone numbers, addresses, and birth dates from most states and numerous counties. This search is a great place to start!

You can quickly find a long-lost friend or family member, verify someone's identity, and much more! This search is addded for free with our criminal record packages, or you can choose to save more with a volume order.

Do's & Dont's

Do learn more about your date's background

Don't be a stalker - It's scary and illegal!

Do check if your neighbor is a sex offender or criminal

Don't use when choosing a new housekeeper or nanny

Do try searching yourself - it's fun and may be surprising!

Don't use to assess someone for credit, insurance, or a job.

Do find out if your roommate has a record

Don't use as a landlord to make decisions about tenants

STL Background is not FCRA compliant. Our services may only legally be used for entertainment or personal purposes. The above list is an overview of what you can and cannot use STL Background for. Prior to searching, please view a more comprehensive list of restrictions here.